What We Do

Through our ministries, we rescue young girls in Uganda, and share with them the redeeming power of Christ Jesus, as we fight against sexual abuse and exploitation.

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Our Ministries


Our team at Lupins works with law enforcement to identify and remove young ladies from sexually abusive situations.


We care for these rescued ladies at our secure rehabilitation center. We begin the healing process and provide medical treatments, counseling services, as well as any hygiene and personal items they may need.


Lupins also offers educational opportunities to the young ladies in our care. A majority have the chance to attend private schools in the area, but they are also trained at our center in skills such as cooking, home management, and much more.


Lupins selects young leaders in the community to enroll in structured discipleship programs. These programs provide training and mentoring that empower participants to advance the fight against sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment.

Fight Against Sexual Exploitation

Help our team combat sex trafficking and abuse in Uganda.

Holistic Approach


Matthew 25:35

We consistently serve nutritional meals, track physical development, and monitor basic health conditions. These steps give us opportunities to identify and prevent more serious potential illnesses, such as HIV. If necessary, we work to ensure they have access to life-saving medications and medical assistance. Having their immediate needs met allows these girls to shift from survival to hope (Psalms 147:11).


Proverbs 22:6
Every child deserves the opportunity to maximize their mental development. We offer Bible clubs, character development, and the nutrition they need to power their mental strength. We offer skills training and preschool classes at the shelter as well as bringing in tutors to teach English and math. Many of the ladies we have served are reintegrated with their families, and communities have accepted and admired them.


Philippians 4:6-7

Spiritual well-being is vital to a child’s development. We work to create a conducive and safe environment where children can grow up knowing they are loved by Jesus Christ, by their sponsors, and by a community of believers around them. Our endmost goal is that they entrust their lives to Jesus Christ—coming alive from the inside out—and then joyfully sharing this love with others.

Inspiring Dreams

We teach the ladies that God has great plans for their lives. Knowing that His plan for them is beyond imagination, for good and not disaster – they are able to enter a space where they can start dreaming – for maybe the first time ever. We help them acquire the work ethics, skills, and character needed to be successful and fulfill the purpose God has for them. We believe the ladies we are serving will be highly sought after by employers.

Changing the World

We teach that God blesses people so they can be a blessing to others. We tell them that their dreams have the power to change the world for others. We believe that soon we will begin to see our young ladies grow up to become ministry leaders, political leaders, and entrepreneurs that will make a drastic impact in their communities. Beyond all else, we want them to understand that their mission is to use their words and abilities to preach the Gospel.

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