Recently I was able to visit the home for Lupins. We drove through the city and eventually came upon a nondescript gate—a place I would never be able to find on my own, as I get so lost in Kampala every time I visit. Doreen told me the government said not to have any signs or notification of what this building is as it would serve to better protect the girls. We were let through the gate by a woman who serves as their security guard. Again, the government said they were not allowed to have a man serve in this role. Security guards typically live on premises, so this is understandable. Doreen, the house mother, a social worker, and a number of the girls greeted me and asked me to sign in.

When we entered the first room of the small house there were some couches and they asked me to sit down. I sat beside this tiny little girl of 5 years old who looked like she had seen way more of the world than anyone should ever have to see. The ages of the girls ranged from 5 up to 16. They were all smaller than they should have been, and were all very shy. Though I knew why they were at Lupins, my mind could not connect those stories with the little ones around me. Honestly, I only know bits and pieces and I’m not sure I could bear to hear their full stories. Doreen’s husband told me some of the girls told him their stories and, after hearing, he felt like he needed counseling. Please pray that God will give Doreen and the Lupins staff the emotional strength and support they need to continue providing this ministry.

Doreen had each of the girls tell me their names and ages. Again, the girls were very shy around me so we didn’t talk much. Doreen gave me a tour of the house, there were three other rooms. The “kitchen” also served as the office; there was a bedroom with 2-3 sets of bunk beds for the girls; and another room with one bunk bed, a desk, and a bed. In this last room, the social worker will sit up at night with the newest girls, or the ones with the most trauma, to see how they sleep. Some of the girls will relive their trauma while sleeping, but will not remember it when awake. Listening to them crying out at night can give the social worker aid in helping the girls heal. Pray for the complete healing of each of the girls. Pray also that the renters in the house next door will move. This will allow Lupins to rent the neighboring house to give them more room. Currently, the small space limits the number of girls Lupins can help.

After a time of prayer, Doreen took me to the school where 8 girls from Lupins will soon be in attendance. The director is giving her a discount to send girls there, but it is still a financial need. The school seems to be a well run, lovely campus, and I feel confident this will be a safe place for the girls. The girls and boys dorms are walled apart from each other with a large gate blocking the access point. There is also a separation of the different age groups.

Again, in closing, please pray that Doreen and the staff will be continually strengthened. Pray also that God will help the girls heal and forgive. As an aside, Lupins believes that forgiveness does not mean you give up your right to seek justice. These two are equally important to the healing process. One of the girls asked to visit her abuser in jail so she could tell him she forgives him. I believe this couldn’t have happened without Lupins striving to give this girl justice. Pray that, as Lupins seeks justice, Jesus will convict the hearts of those accepting bribes and will give Lupins favor with those in authority.

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