Lupins trains members of the community and sends young leaders out to continue the fight against sexual exploitation.

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Lupins carefully selects young people identified as potential leaders in their churches, schools, and communities to enroll in structured discipleship programs. These programs provide appropriate training and intentional mentoring. Lupins wants to send young leaders out who are empowered to assist, transform, and advance the fight against sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment within communities through robust and visible community action. 

Eradication of all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse is the goal of Lupins. In order to reach this end, community sensitization and education, legal action against offenders, holistic counseling, and support of victims will be pursued.

Services Provided

Discipleship Programs

These programs equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and ambition to positively transform all spheres of society.

Community Education

We desire to change community mindsets regarding victims through discipleship, education, advocacy, and outreach.

Send Young Leaders

Help put an end to sexual exploitation and abuse.


Our team at Lupins works with law enforcement to identify and remove young ladies from sexually abusive situations.


We provide a long-term safe home for girls coming out of abusive situations. We also provide trauma level treatment to those in need.


We offer educational opportunities, skills training, and spiritual discipleship to survivors and the local community.


We select young potential leaders in the community and train them in the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation in Uganda.

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