Lupins aims to heal and restore each girl in our program through professional, Christian counseling.

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Once a successful rescue has occurred, the child can begin the healing process. We facilitate this healing and restoration by providing extensive professional, Christian counseling. Lupins currently employs one full time counselor and 2 social workers. Counseling is conducted in both individual and group sessions. Focus topics include:

While living at the safe home, the girls are also taught healthy coping skills, impulse control, and emotional regulation skills.

Services Provided

Safe Shelter

The Lupins Rehabilitation Center promotes healing and growth in a safe, secure environment for young girls.

Medical Care

Lupins provides professional help for young girls dealing with physical or mental medical issues.

Food & Clothing

Young girls have access to food, clothing, bedding, and other items they need to be comfortable during their stay.


Developing coping skills will decrease the risk of relapse and will foster positive spiritual, mental, and physical growth.

Restore Ugandan Girls

Your support helps us restore and foster healing in Ugandan girls.


Our team at Lupins works with law enforcement to identify and remove young ladies from sexually abusive situations.


We provide a long-term safe home for girls coming out of abusive situations. We also provide trauma level treatment to those in need.


We offer educational opportunities, skills training, and spiritual discipleship to survivors and the local community.


We select young potential leaders in the community and train them in the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation in Uganda.

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