Lupins identifies and rescues young girls in Uganda from sex trafficking or abusive situations.

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For a rescue to transpire, the victim must be identified and removed from the abusive person and situation. Our team, specifically the executive director, works with law enforcement, social workers, hospitals, and other rescue organizations to identify and rescue young girls in Uganda who are victims of sexual abuse and trafficking. Once rescued, these girls are provided with safe shelter, medical care, food, and clothing at the Lupins Safe Home. Since our founding in March 2021, over 100 girls have been rescued. In May 2024, the girls moved into Lupins’ newly purchased and renovated safe home. Find videos, photos, and more details here.

Services Provided

Safe Shelter

Rescued girls begin the healing process, under the protection of a full-time house mother and a security guard.

Medical Care

Medical professionals provide counseling, medical examinations, psychiatric evaluations, and other services as needed.

Food & Clothing

At the center, the girls are
given all needed food, clothing,
and hygiene items for
their stay.

Rescue Young Girls in Uganda

Your support helps rescue victims from abusive situations.


Our team at Lupins works with law enforcement to identify and remove young ladies from sexually abusive situations.


We provide a long-term safe home for girls coming out of abusive situations. We also provide trauma level treatment to those in need.


We offer educational opportunities, skills training, and spiritual discipleship to survivors and the local community.


We select young potential leaders in the community and train them in the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation in Uganda.

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