Lupins equips rescued girls by giving them an opportunity to earn an education and learn life skills.

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Once the healing process is met with success, Lupins can equip rescued girls to learn life-skills, receive spiritual discipleship, and participate in educational opportunities. The skills learned are essential to establishing and maintaining a stable income and housing.  The opportunity to receive a quality education further ensures long-term success.

Services Provided

School Admission

Through the financial provision of Lupins, participants will attend a private school and receive tutoring, uniforms, and other scholastic materials.

Skills Training

Young girls learn practical skills such as meal preparation, household maintenance, nutrition, hairdressing, tailoring, and budgeting.

Safe Environment

Lupins will provide these victims with freedom and the opportunity to play, learn life-skills, and receive guidance from experienced community mentors.

Equip Rescued Girls

Your support helps these young girls while they seek an education.


Our team at Lupins works with law enforcement to identify and remove young ladies from sexually abusive situations.


We provide a long-term safe home for girls coming out of abusive situations. We also provide trauma level treatment to those in need.


We offer educational opportunities, skills training, and spiritual discipleship to survivors and the local community.


We select young potential leaders in the community and train them in the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation in Uganda.

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