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Lupins is a 501(c)(3) which works to rescue and restore trafficked young ladies and transform their lives through the love of Christ.

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Our Mission

To exemplify the transforming and redeeming power of Christ Jesus by rescuing and restoring children from all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation throughout Uganda, Africa, and the world.

Our Vision

To end child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Meet the Executive Director

Doreen Nambuya

Doreen’s life has been marked by suffering, but also by God’s enduring provision. In 1996, after the death of her father, Doreen, along with her mother and siblings, relocated to a small, one room house in Naguru, one of the largest slums in Uganda. Life became a nightmare so that even getting a meal was very hard. Doreen and her big brother, Richmond, were extremely close and always stayed together looking for something to eat. They would kick papers on the roadside, hoping to find money among the papers. One day, Doreen and Richmond received news that Compassion International, working through a local church, had found them sponsors. Compassion provided many benefits, including an education, meals, medical care, skills training, and Bible teaching. During her time as a sponsored child, Doreen came to know Jesus Christ as her Savior.

Today, Doreen is living a life of service and sacrifice because of the investment others made in her. Doreen founded Lupins to exemplify Jesus to the poor and powerless communities at risk in Uganda. Doreen, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is ready to free captives, demolish strongholds, and build the next generation of world changers.

Doreen Nambuya's Story

What We Do


Our team at Lupins works with law enforcement to identify and remove young ladies from sexually abusive situations.


We care for these rescued ladies at our secure rehabilitation center. We begin the healing process and provide medical treatments, counseling services, as well as any hygiene and personal items they may need.


Lupins also offers educational opportunities to the young ladies in our care. A majority have the chance to attend private schools in the area, but they are also trained at our center in skills such as cooking, home management, and much more.


Lupins selects young leaders in the community to enroll in structured discipleship programs. These programs provide training and mentoring that empower participants to advance the fight against sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment.

Support Trafficked Young Ladies

Your donations help us continue to rescue and restore young girls in Uganda.

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