Providinghope and healingfor those facing sex trafficking and sexual abuse.

Lupins exists to combat the ongoing problems of sexual abuse and exploitation in Uganda and restore victims of child trafficking.

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Our Mission

To exemplify the transforming and redeeming power of Christ Jesus by rescuing and restoring children from all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation throughout Uganda, Africa, and the world.


Our team at Lupins works with law enforcement to identify and remove young ladies from sexually abusive situations.


We provide a long-term safe home for girls coming out of abusive situations. We also provide trauma level treatment to those in need.


We offer educational opportunities, skills training, and spiritual discipleship to survivors and the local community.


We select young potential leaders in the community and train them in the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation in Uganda.

Executive Director Doreen Nambuya

Compassion International highlighted Doreen and Lupins Africa in an excellent article. Read it here:

How Your Support Helps

Your donations help us continue to rescue and restore young girls in Uganda.

18% helps rescue women and children who are victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.

32%helps provide the resources necessary to help begin the healing process.

40%helps train and equip victims through educations and training.

10%allows Lupins to train others in the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation in Uganda.

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How You’re Changing Women and Children’s Lives


Your support allows us to identify and rescue victims of child trafficking and abusive situations. Once safe, Lupins provides free medical treatments, including physical examinations, counseling services, and more. We work to foster positive spiritual, mental, and physical growth and development.


Once the healing process is met with success, Lupins can begin to offer educational opportunities, skills training, discipleship, internships and leadership training to the participants. Many of the girls have the opportunity to attend one of several private schools in Uganda with help from donors like you.

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